Monday, August 16, 2010

MuseoBlogger gets a makeover

For any regular readers out there who check in today and think you've landed on the wrong site, this is still the same MuseoBlogger, just with a fresh new face. The last time I updated the overall look of this blog was well over a year ago, when Blogger's template designs were very basic and difficult to personalize. Now, with the release of their new template designer, I was able to customize the color scheme and imagery to something I found more compelling than the tired teal and green format I had before. Besides, like so many other women out there, frankly I was bored with looking at the same old thing every day. I wanted to dress the MuseoBlogger site in something new so, I found this really cool photo of an exotic decorative object and used it to inspire a new palette and give this site a makeover. I hope you like it.

Coming soon, my article on hospitals and the role of fine arts in promoting wellness. Also, links to a web interview I did last month with Voices of the Past Heritage Media should appear here on MuseoBlogger in the near future.

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